young child enjoying her pediatric dentistry visitAccording to the Canadian Dental Association (CDA), children should have an initial dental visit after they develop their first tooth or before their first birthday. This initial visit is quick, painless, and stress free for you and your little one. At White Willow Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer our littlest patients oral health care that grows with their smiles beginning with these early childhood dental wellness checks.

Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

The first dental appointment is fairly straight forward. As you hold your child, the dentist examines his or her teeth and gums looking for signs of developmental irregularities. We’ll discuss any concerns you have about your child’s smile, and take time to offer recommendations for at-home hygiene improvements. Our goal is to achieve the three purposes of pediatric dentistry as outlined by the CDA:

  • Double check at-home hygiene
  • Diagnose and treat concerns early
  • Develop positive associations with the dentist

Preparing Your Child for Dental Visits

Before you bring your child to our office, even for children as young as six months to a year old, your attitude matters. Mention the dentist positively to your child. Before, during, and after the appointment, continue to offer your baby positive feedback about the dentist. As children grow older, our team offers office tours and other fun activities to help them look forward to their office visits. We only get to see your little ones twice a year, so it’s important that parents are invested in making their child’s oral hygiene a fun and important part of daily life. Here are some tips for making dental care fun:

  • Create a dentist calendar for your child. Every day he or she remembers to brush and floss, place a sticker on the calendar. Bring these charts with you to your visit, and we’ll provide further encouragement for your child’s great at-home care.
  • Play a song to help your child keep track of how much time he or she spends brushing. This helps kids build a lifelong habit of brushing for two or more minutes at a time.
  • Create fun flossing games to help your child build the dexterity to properly remove plaque and food particles between teeth. One great example is to line up the bottoms of egg cartons like teeth, place modeling clay between them, and let your child use floss to try to remove the “Play-Doh Plaque.”

Contact Your Scarborough Children’s Dentist

Whatever age children are at, the White Willow Family & Cosmetic Dentistry team in Scarborough, ON is here to help them develop their healthiest smiles. Contact our team to schedule your child’s first checkup today.