Teeth Whitening from Scarborough, ON DentistWhen your smile becomes dull and yellow, do you want to hide it so no one sees its defects? How can you improve tooth color and your personal outlook safely?  Zoom! teeth whitening from Scarborough, ON dentist, Dr. Samantha Amaro, could be just what you need.

Reasons why teeth stain

Whatever we put in our mouths has the potential to stain tooth enamel, particularly if it’s darkly colored food or beverages.  Common examples are red wine, sports drinks, coffee, tea, blackberries, chocolate, soy sauce or anything with a deep, rich pigment. Acidic foods soften enamel and contribute to discoloration particularly when eaten with dark foods or drinks.  Cigarette smoke, prescription medications, such as tetracycline, and the aging process all yellow smiles.

Stains from food, drinks and tobacco are called extrinsic stains, and they are the most easily treated. Accumulated plaque and tartar on tooth surfaces and between teeth hold onto stains. While brushing, flossing and receiving professional in-office cleanings with Dr. Amaro and her team help keep smiles bright, they may be insufficient to achieve that really dazzling look.

Zoom! teeth whitening from your dentist in Scarborough

Dr. Amaro chooses Zoom! teeth whitening because it uses a professional grade bleaching gel to oxidize stains out of enamel. The active ingredient is 25 percent hydrogen peroxide, and it’s accelerated by a laser light.

After an oral exam to ensure teeth and gums are healthy enough for Zoom! whitening, the hygienist cleans the individual’s teeth and swabs on the gel. Soft tissues of the mouth are protected by a rubber dam, and the patient wears eye protection, too.

As the gel penetrates tooth enamel, the patient simply relaxes in the dental chair. After less than an hour, whitening is complete, the gel rinsed off, and teeth are brighter by 8 to 10 shades of color. Patients are absolutely amazed by the results.  For people who would like to whiten their teeth at home, Dr. Amaro provides custom-made trays which apply gel and brighten teeth more gradually.

Zoom! Whitening works well for teens over the age of 13 and adults who do not have active decay,  gum disease, or extensive restorations. Pregnant and lactating women are encouraged to postpone whitening and any elective dental work.

What to do after teeth whitening

While some tooth and gum sensitivity may occur, it’s minor and resolves quickly. Dr. Amaro tells whitening patients to limit staining food and beverages and to avoid tobacco use completely. She also recommends:

  • Daily flossing
  • Twice daily brushing with fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush
  • Semi-annual hygienic cleanings
  • Drinking 8 glasses water every day (64 ounces) to wash tooth surfaces and increase saliva and its beneficial enzymes
  • Coming to White Willow Family & Cosmetic Dentistry for occasional touch-ups

With some effort, your smile will remain white indefinitely. If combined with porcelain veneers, composite resin bonding, tooth-colored fillings and other aesthetic treatments as warranted, you can achieve the smile of your dreams by partnering with your dentist in Scarborough, ON and her professional team.

Your whitest smile

Wouldn’t you love to have it? Dr. Samantha Amaro can help you achieve it. If you are interested in a cosmetic dentistry consultation, contact White Willow Family & Cosmetic Dentistry today to schedule an appointment.