Feel anxiety free with a sedation dentist in Scarborough.People speak different languages, and enjoy different foods. They come from different countries and have different jobs. They have different friends, hobbies, clothes, pets…the list is endless. Despite all this, people do have at least one thing in common: Most people are very nervous about going to the dentist. This anxiety might be based on experience, or it could come from the thought of being so vulnerable. No matter how positive or necessary the dentist is, sitting there with another person’s hands in your mouth is uncomfortable for many. This leads them to avoid the dentist altogether, which can allow small dental problems to flare up into bigger ones. White Willow Family and Cosmetic Dentistry take your feelings seriously. One of the best ways to manage this anxiety is to visit a sedation dentist in Scarborough.  

Sedation Dentistry

A scared patient is one that doesn’t come into the office. They will put it off until they are experiencing an enormous amount of discomfort in their teeth. This unfortunately often calls for the most invasive dental treatments, which can further drive them away from the care we need. We here at White Willows don’t pretend that we can completely take away your anxiety of visiting the dentist; that would be unrealistic. What we can promise is that first and foremost, we will listen to you. Your comfort is important for your state of mind, as well as for the results of whichever procedure we need to perform, whether it be an extraction or a simple cleaning. For the actual procedure, we have a couple of time tested sedation dentistry techniques that will help you be as calm and relaxed as possible.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

You might have heard of nitrous oxide being referred to as “laughing gas.” It has also been called “taking a ride to the moon.” This is because patients who experience the gas are overcome with a light, warm, comforting feeling. Their body can almost feel like it is floating. Your mind slows down and the anxious thoughts gently ebb to a manageable level. We administer the gas through a mask that is worn on the nose. You breathe in gently and will begin to feel the effects in minutes. After the procedure is finished, the mask is removed and all of the gas’ effects wane within minutes, enabling you to go about your day as normal.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Patients who tend to suffer from a higher level of anxiety might be recommended to use oral sedation. Medication will be prescribed and you will take a pill at a pre-set time before the procedure. In this case, we require that a family member or trusted person drive you to and from the appointment to assure your safety. Oral sedation takes you to a much deeper state of relaxation than nitrous oxide. You will still be awake and able to respond to commands, but you may have a foggy memory of the visit afterwards. Your trusted person will need to monitor you the rest of the day, and you should be feeling normal by the next morning.

We Are Here To Listen

Sometimes anxiety can be helped with a little information. If you have any questions about an upcoming appointment, or anything to do with your teeth, please give us a call. We want you to be in the best state of mind when you come to see us. Never be afraid to ask us anything. We will always take your feelings into consideration when we are caring for your teeth.