Candy tips with your family dentist in Scarborough. This season is the magical time of year where candy begins to appear everywhere. Suddenly little bowls start popping up at the office, and your kids always seem to bring some home. It’s a festive time of year, and often people celebrate with sweets. It can be tempting for you and your family to just enjoy, but did you know that 42% of children have had cavities on their baby teeth?  There is going to be a lot of sugar around you in the coming weeks, and Dr. Samantha Amaro, your dentist in Scarborough, has 4 tips so you can enjoy candy as well as keep your family’s teeth clean.

1. Avoid Hard or Sticky Candy

Tooth decay is caused by the sugar left on your teeth being eaten by naturally occurring bacteria. This produces plaque, which has an acidic quality and quickly starts eroding your teeth. Foods that are high in sugar such as candy can stimulate this process. One of the best ways to keep your teeth healthy is to be picky and only let you and your children eat candy that can be consumed quickly. Hard candies typically need to sit in the mouth for an extended amount of time, and this gives the bacteria more of a chance to produce plaque. Particularly sticky candies can leave a film on your teeth that causes sugar to adhere to them, making it harder to wash away or brush off. Try limiting your candy to ones that melt quickly.

2. Put It Away

It’s tempting to leave candy out and just snack on it throughout the day. This gives the bacteria on your teeth a consistent supply of sugar. You can help stop this by putting the candy somewhere you can’t see it. This way you are not tempted to eat it all the time and your kids have to ask to get it.

3. Always Have Candy After a Meal

One the biggest mistakes people make is eating candy when they are hungry. This can easily lead them to overindulge, increasing their exposure to sugar. Have everyone eat a hearty and healthy before you have any candy so it’s easier to limit their intake. An easy “game” you can play with your children is to award them one piece of candy per serving of vegetables they eat. They’ll often be too full for sweets afterward!

4. Don’t Forget to Brush!

Just like any other time of the year, routine brushing and flossing is the best way to prevent tooth decay. This daily regimen cleans off the harmful plaque and keeps your teeth and gums healthy. It’s is also the perfect time of year to schedule an appointment with us at White Willow Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. For many people, the holidays mean a lot of delicious food, so the last thing you want to deal with is an unforeseen dental issue. A routine check-up gives Dr. Amaro the chance to clean your teeth and catch any dental issues you may have before they become a problem.

Have Any Questions?

While candy may taste great, eating too much will only serve to give you and children cavities. When you follow these tips you can enjoy without having to worry. If you’re curious about what else you can do to keep you and your family’s teeth healthy this season, please give us a call today. We’ll be more than happy to tell you anything you need so you can have a happy holiday season.