dental implant illustrationWhen you think of implants, you might think of which celebrities have had parts of their bodies replaced with plastic. But implants encompass so much more! Dental implants, for example, are an ideal solution for many people who have missing teeth. Learn five key facts about dental implants in Scarborough.

1.     Implants Replace the Roots of Missing Teeth

When you lose a tooth, you don’t just lose the on the surface; the root is gone as well. Implants are devices, usually made of titanium, that are attached to your jawbone just like the roots of natural teeth. Implants “trick” your body into thinking that the roots of your teeth are still present, so tissue and bone grow around the implant, creating a strong bond. This can prevent you from losing bone density in your jaw.

2.     The Success Rate Is High

Dental implants require that patients undergo surgery, and any reasonable person wants to know about the overall success rate for any surgery they’re considering. Whether a dental implant procedure is successful depends on several factors, including the patient’s overall health as well as their oral health.

In general, however, the success rate for dental implant surgery is high. In fact, one study found that dental implant surgery had a success rate of over 98 percent. When you talk to your dentist about possibly getting plants, she can discuss any risk factors that might affect your odds of having a successful surgery.

3.     Implants Make Everyday Life Easier

If you have missing teeth, you may recall with longing the days when you could bite into a crunchy apple or munch on raw carrots without being careful to avoid the places in your mouth without teeth. Dental implants are durable enough to stand up to practically any food. They can make it easier to get the nutrition you need to lead a happy and healthy life.

4.     No One Will Know the Difference

The artificial teeth that are attached to implants look and feel like natural teeth. If you decide to get implants, you’ll brush and floss according to your normal routine. You’ll also still visit your dentist in Scarborough for regular cleaning and checkups. When you greet people with a brilliant smile, they won’t be able to tell that you have artificial teeth.

5.     Implants Help Protect Your Natural Teeth

Implants aren’t the only solution for missing teeth. Bridges also work well, but the disadvantage of bridges is that they may require the surgeon to cut into your existing bone structure to make the bridge fit. That isn’t necessary with implants, meaning that your healthy teeth won’t have to suffer.

Dental implants in Scarborough may be the perfect solution for folks in Ontario who have missing teeth.

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