person putting on latex glovesWhen you visit your dentist or another medical professional, you want to be confident that you’ll walk away with better health — not an infection. Sadly, some dental practices have missed the mark on infection control, exposing their patients to bacteria and viruses that could lead to serious diseases. At White Willow Dental, we understand how important it is to protect our patients from such frightening possibilities. When you visit your dentist in Scarborough, you’ll notice that we take the following measures to demonstrate that your health and safety is our top priority.

We Use Appropriate Barriers

Doctors Amaro and Patel, as well as everyone else who works in the office, always use appropriate barriers to make sure infections won’t travel to you. They wear gloves and masks as well as a lab coat or scrubs. They’ll provide you with protective eyewear.

We’re Serious About Sterilization

We keep our instruments in sterilized packs, and we open them in front of you. These packages are sterilized and opened when you arrive to minimize the risk of contamination.

We use heat sterilization to vanquish any unseen substances that could cause infection, and we check our sterilization unit daily with spore testing. This is to make sure that the machine is working well. We also put sterilization confirmation strips in every bag to make sure that they’ve gone through the sterilization process correctly.

We Cover Areas That Are Difficult to Clean

Surfaces that are difficult to clean, such as keyboards, computer mice, and light handles, should be covered with barriers. This helps to ensure that no bacteria slips into these tiny spaces.

We Always Dispose of Sharps Properly

If sharp objects, such as syringes, aren’t properly disposed of, everyone in the office is at risk. We protect both you and our staff members by placing sharps in clearly labeled receptacles, which we then give to a medical company that is qualified to handle them.

We Use Clean Hands and Gloves

Your dentists and hygienist will either wash their hands or use hand sanitizer both before and after caring for you. They’ll don a new set of gloves for each patient.

We Invite You to Discuss Your Concerns

If you ever visit a dental office and notice that any of the above infection control measures are missing, don’t hesitate to speak up about your concerns. At White Willow Dental, we’re proud of how careful we are to combat potential infections, but we still want you to ask any questions you might have. You should feel at ease with every aspect of your visit to your family dentist in Scarborough.

There is no excuse for getting lazy with infection control, and at White Willow Dental, we understand that 100 percent.

About the Author

Doctors Amaro and Patel provide comprehensive dental services to the Scarborough community. They’re proud of the office’s cleanliness and the over patient experience at White Willow Dental. If you have questions or concerns about infection control or anything related to dentistry, contact our office at 647-360-7426.