Halloween candy bucket We’re literally days away from Halloween. Some parents are excited about seeing their little one’s all dressed up in cute costumes. Who doesn’t love a cute princess or policeman picture to share on Facebook with friends and family?

On the other hand, there are parents who are stressed out about their children’s dental health. You can rest assured that your children’s teeth won’t fall out overnight. But in the same breath, it is important to monitor your child’s candy consumption to a certain degree.

Don’t be scared away from celebrating the holiday’s spooky, fun traditions! Your dentist in Scarborough is here to help you this Halloween.

The Truth About Tooth Decay for Kids

Did you know that every 2 in 11 children in the United States have had or will have a cavity in the near future? The Centers for Disease Control  and Prevention (CDC) found that even 21% of those children will continue to experience tooth decay issues throughout their childhood.

After reviewing the study, the article came to these main points:

  • Kids frequently exposed to sugary foods and drinks are at a higher risk of early tooth decay.
  • Children should visit their dentist by the time they turn 1 at the latest.
  • It’s important to establish good oral hygiene practices early in childhood.

It’s important to keep your children’s baby teeth and gums strong with healthy choices because they lay the foundation for their natural teeth to develop into. Without a healthy foundation, their permanent teeth may have issues developing correctly or may not even be able to develop, becoming enclosed beneath the gum line.

So what do you do for Halloween?

The information above may leave some parents baffled. The truth is that although those statistics may be frightening, they shouldn’t scare you away from letting your children enjoy the holiday.

You can help your children make better sweet treat choices by avoiding hard candies, avoiding sticky candies, and trading them out for soft chocolate—preferably dark. This reduces their chances of encountering a dental emergency like a cracked tooth. Also, be sure to schedule your child a dental appointment soon thereafter!

What happens during a pediatric dental appointment?

During their first few appointments, your child will be able to get comfortable and build a friendly relationship with their dentist. They will also receive comprehensive cleanings infused with preventive products like fluoride or dental sealants. You and your child can benefit from the very first appointment in these ways:

  • Hands-on learning experiences about proper dental care.
  • Protection against cavities with dental sealants and fluoride treatment.
  • Thorough head, neck, and mouth examinations to ensure development is going smoothly.
  • Professional cleanings to remove harmful dental plaque and debris.

Even when it comes to Halloween, you and your child can benefit from speaking with a kid’s dentist in Scarborough. Your dentist will be able to give you helpful tips about what to do with excess candy and how to balance good oral health when holidays arise.

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