woman dental checkup One of the biggest dental problems that people face is tooth loss. Sure, there are other dental problems that patients may encounter, like gum disease and tooth decay, but these both lead to tooth loss.

If you’re facing tooth loss, you know that you need to replace your missing teeth right away. Dental implants in Scarborough can provide you the tooth replacement option that you truly need.

Comparing Dental Implants with Other Tooth Replacements

When you’re considering replacing your missing teeth, you have a few different options to choose from. Simply put, dental implants can help you replace teeth in the best way possible.

Thanks to modern dentistry advancements, your dentist can replace both the root (below the gum line) and the crown (above the gum line) of a missing tooth—solving both your aesthetic problems and other oral health concerns. Dental implants are small, titanium posts that mimic the root of your tooth. By replacing your tooth root, helping your local dentist to give you more than just a gorgeous smile.

The True Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants have many benefits, including these main 3 positive factors:


  • Rebuilding and keeping the strength of your jawbone. All parts of your teeth (above and below the gum line) keep your jawbone strong and durable over the years. A strong jaw allows us to chew, speak, and live without embarrassment because it anchors most of your natural teeth down.

The roots of teeth help to stimulate blood flow as well. When your teeth are missing, you’ll see a difference in the jawbone’s strength and possibly lose other neighboring teeth from jawbone deterioration. Thankfully, dental implants keep your jaw and smile strong!


  • Keep away dental problems. Missing teeth can cause your teeth to shift into incorrect positions. By missing a component of your smile, your remaining teeth can become overlapped or crooked, causing other dental problems from the inability to properly clean your teeth. For instance, you can experience tooth decay from overlapping, crooked teeth. If you replace your teeth with dental implants, your smile will stay perfectly aligned.


  • A boost of self-esteem. If you’ve lost teeth in the front of your smile, you probably hardly every show off your pearly whites. It can be difficult to feel confident about yourself when you have gaps in your teeth. Thankfully, dental implants provide an aesthetically pleasing alternative to tooth loss.


Sure, other tooth replacement options allow you to feel like you have a complete smile again, but will you really benefit from them like you can benefit from dental implants? Learn more about dental implants by contacting your local dental practice.

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