red first-aid kitYour team is on the verge of scoring another major victory. All of your focus is on the ball, and you’re ready to score the goal that will seal the win. You’re about to spring into action when — bam! You’re blindsided, and you end up on the ground with some big-time pain in your mouth. That’s just one example of how a dental emergency can strike anytime and anywhere. But what should you do when a tooth catastrophe strikes? Your emergency dentist in Scarborough is here to provide a few tips.

Stay Calm and Evaluate the Situation

The last thing you want to do in any emergency situation is panic. Overreacting will cloud your judgment and probably make your circumstances even worse. Do your best to remain calm so you can objectively evaluate the situation.

  • First, figure out what happened. Did one of your teeth get knocked out altogether, or is it broken or cracked? Did you lose a crown? Do you not know why your mouth is suddenly hurting so bad?
  • Contact your dentist. Describe the situation to your dentist and listen to their recommendations for what you should do. You might have to go in for an appointment right away, but in some situations, you can wait a day or so without risking further damage to your tooth.
  • Perform self– If there is no way for you to get to the dentist right away, you may have to perform some basic self-care, including cleaning the injured area and taking painkillers.
  • Consider going to the emergency room. If your jaw or the soft tissue in your mouth is seriously injured, the wisest course of action may be for you to go to your local emergency room. Later, you can visit a dentist for more specialized care.

Focus on Preparation and Prevention

No one likes to think about the possibility of a dental emergency, but it’s wise to plan ahead.

  • If you play sports, be sure to wear a custom mouth guard. This will prevent most injuries to your teeth. However, you should also have a kit ready in case one of your teeth gets knocked out. A tooth preservation kit from your local pharmacy will have a solution to store your lost pearly white while you’re on your way to the dentist (if you get there within an hour or so, it’s likely that your tooth can be reattached).
  • If you have crowns and fillings, make sure to have regular appointments with your dentist so they can check to see if any problems are starting with your restorations. They might be able to stop an emergency before it starts. If a crown does come off, you might be able to replace it on your tooth temporarily until you get to the dentist. Otherwise, you’ll have to be very gentle with that tooth and avoid chewing on that side of your mouth.

Dental emergencies aren’t always as dramatic as a lost tooth or crown; even if your tooth is in severe pain and you don’t know why, it’s still vital that you contact your dentist ASAP.  Your oral health is at stake!

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