woman smilingYou can take care of your body in many ways—eating healthy, drinking water, and even exfoliating your skin—but when it comes to your teeth, are you doing everything you can to optimize your oral health? Here’s the truth: if you’re not flossing, then you’re letting your dental health decline.

Just like the rest of your bod’s well-being, flossing should be important, too! Learn more about flossing in this week’s blog post from your dentist in Scarborough.

Improve Your Oral Health All Around with Flossing

If someone asked you what you would rather do than floss your teeth, the list would probably be endless. This is the narrative your dentist is working to change! Flossing helps improve your whole oral health from fresher breath to brighter teeth and even a longer lasting smile.

Here’s the takeaway point to remember: you should be flossing your teeth everyday no matter what. Flossing is vital to the oral health because it’s the only way that you can effectively remove food particles, plaque, and bacteria from between the tight spaces between your teeth.

What Can Happen to Your Smile If You Don’t Floss?

If you’re already skipping this critical part of your dental hygiene routine, then you should know what you’re making your smile susceptible to. Keeping the food, plaque, and dental debris in between your teeth can fester into tooth decay or even gum disease. Simple flossing can keep your teeth from eventually becoming damaged or falling out!

However, your mouth isn’t the only part of your body that suffers from lack of flossing. The bacteria from developed gum disease can enter the blood stream, leading to heart disease, strokes, and even brain damage! You can work to protect your body from systematic and oral diseases with flossing one time a day.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask a Dentist for Assistance If You Need To

If you avoid flossing every day because you make your gums bleed or don’t know how to do it the correct way, you should always have a dentist to rely on for help. Your dentist is your partner in improving your oral health, so your local office will do whatever they can—services or offer advice—to optimize your oral health.

Sometimes, traditional floss doesn’t work for everyone, so you can even ask your local dentist for help choosing a flossing alternative, like a water pik! Learn more by talking to the dental professionals in your community.

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