cerec same day crown milling machineWhen you have damage to your crown, the rest of your tooth and gums are susceptible to a host of problems that includes severe infection. The longer the damage lingers, the more problems you can expect to occur. It helps to know, then, that your dentist in Scarborough can fully restore your smile and function in one day. As you continue reading, you’ll learn how this is made possible with the CEREC same-day crown system.

What is a CEREC Same-Day Crown?

There once was a time where a crown replacement was at least a two-visit procedure. The first appointment would be for your dentist to perform any of the restoration work to build up the tooth, take bite impressions and then fit you with a temporary fixture. A lab would then take about two weeks to fabricate the crown, which would be placed at a second visit.

The CEREC procedure bypasses all of that by providing the patient with a fully functional crown in one visit. This is accomplished using the in-office CAD/CAM software that designs your crown and controls the milling machine that fabricates it.

Why is a Same-Day Crown Better?

The CEREC method is the best option for your replacement crown because of the following reasons:

  • Time – The most obvious advantage of a crown replacement that’s completed in one visit is that it saves you time. Instead of having to make special arrangements to fit in two to three appointments into your schedule, you’ll be able to walk into your dentist’s office broken and leave out fully restored!
  • Less Chances of Complications – With the traditional crown process, there is a greater chance of complications because you’ll be fitted with a temporary fixture. While it’s purpose is to cover your tooth, it still can’t provide the same type of protection as a permanent crown.
  • Cost – Because the procedure is done in-office, you’ll also get some relief for your wallet. That’s due to the fact that your dentist won’t have to outsource the fabrication of the crown. You’ll also see some cost savings because the procedure doesn’t require multiple visits to complete.

With these advantages, the CEREC method is the obvious choice for your restoration needs. After the work is done, though, you want your crown to last, but how?

Increase the Longevity of Your CEREC Crown

Here are a few of the practices that you should incorporate into your daily regimen to improve the lifespan of your new crown:

  • Oral Hygiene – Be sure to brush and floss your teeth at least two times a day to remove bacteria. Although your crown isn’t vulnerable to decay, your surrounding teeth and gums are, so dental care still matters.
  • Avoid Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) – If you suffer from bruxism, it’s important to reach out to your dentist to get help, because the pressure of your teeth grinding can cause your crown to unseat, as well as wear down the porcelain material.
  • Visit Your Dentist – At least semi-annually, you should visit your dentist for a checkup. This will ensure that your oral cavity is healthy and that your crown is in good condition.

So now you know everything you need to about the same-day dental crown procedure. The next step is to reach out to your local dentist to schedule an appointment today!

About the Author

A graduate of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston, Dr. Samantha Amaro constantly strives to expand her knowledge, which is why she maintains memberships with several professional organizations. She provides patients with same-day crown restorations at While Willow Family & Cosmetic Dentistry and can be reached for more information through her website.