A person holding a clear aligner.For years traditional braces have been the go-to solution for misalignments, crooked teeth and poor bites, particularly for teenagers. While braces have been effective, not everyone wants to settle for a long-term solution that makes it very difficult to eat certain foods, practice oral care and take photos. Many people would rather continue having crooked teeth than do that! That’s where Invisalign comes in.

With Invisalign in Scarborough, you can gain straighter and more attractive teeth in less time and with less changes in habits. Consider these seven ways that Invisalign can offer a better treatment experience than traditional braces.


Braces are a fixed device, meaning they cannot be removed until your treatment is complete and your dentist takes them off. Trying to remove braces on your own risks interruptions in your treatment and damage to your braces. If damaged, you’ll need to visit the dentist right away for an emergency visit.

Invisalign is designed to be removed, making it easy to drink beverages and eat your favorite foods. In the event that your aligners become damaged, you can simply move on to the next pair or shift back towards your previous pair and address the issue at your next treatment.


Braces have many nooks and crannies for food debris to get caught in, making it easier for plaque and bacteria to develop and multiply.

Since aligners are easily removable, you don’t have to make any changes to your oral care habits just to keep teeth clean. The only addition to your oral care routine is letting your aligners soak for 15 minutes in cleaning fluid.


Even with clear or ceramic hardware, braces are very noticeable. This makes taking pictures or attending social events difficult if you’re embarrassed by their smile.

Aligners are designed to be as transparent as possible, making them virtually invisible.


Getting used to metal rubbing up against the inside of your cheeks is not easy.

Aligners are trimmed to fit your teeth exactly, so they’re form-fitted to be as comfortable as possible.

Materials Used

If you have an allergy to metal components that braces use, then they may even be impossible to wear.

Invisalign uses SmartTrack material which is more predictable and controlled, allowing for more precise tooth movements.


Even though braces and aligners are considered cosmetic treatments, more insurance companies are covering orthodontic treatments than ever before. That means you don’t have to settle for traditional braces just to have insurance companies cover the cost.

Tracking Progress

No other orthodontic treatments comes with a built in compliance indicator like Invisalign does. This helps your teenagers confirm whether they’re wearing the aligners for long enough.

Don’t wait to get Invisalign treatment. Learn how you can get a straighter smile more comfortably and conveniently by scheduling an appointment today!

About the Author

Dr. Samantha Amaro has her patients come in every six weeks to ensure that their orthodontic treatment is going exactly as planned. In the event your smile is not looking as it should, she’ll make adjustments as necessary to ensure you’re on the right track. To learn more about her practice, you can contact her through her website.