Woman enjoying benefits of root canal

Root canal therapy has a bad reputation. In fact, recent
surveys estimate that up to 15% of people avoid seeking the dental care they
need entirely because of what they’ve heard about it. Thankfully these rumors
are greatly exaggerated! Saving a tooth with root canal therapy is a
comfortable, safe way to maintain your natural smile. Not only does it quickly
minimize the discomfort of an infected tooth, but it can save you from more
extensive dental work later in life. Your trusted Scarborough dentist can tell
you what symptoms indicate that your tooth might be in danger and the top
befits you can enjoy from root canal therapy.

What Symptoms Should I Look Out For?

Before jumping into how root canals work and how they can
benefit your life, it’s helpful to know what symptoms to look out for first.
Typical signs that you might need root canal therapy are:

  • A sharp pain while biting down.
  • A constant, dull pain in your teeth or gums.
  • Prolonged sensitivity to hot and cold.
  • Swollen, sensitive, or bumpy gums.
  • Discoloration of one tooth.

If you experience any of the above or have recently damaged
your tooth, you should see your dentist to see if root canal therapy is the
treatment that’s right for you.

How Does the Treatment Work?

If the sensitive pulp inside your tooth becomes inflamed or
infected, you may need root canal therapy to prevent it from falling out and keep
the damage from spreading to the rest of your mouth. Your dentist will
carefully file away all of the diseased tissue until the infection is
completely removed. Then, your tooth is filled with a warm, rubbery,
biocompatible material called gutta percha and fortified with a dental crown to
strengthen it. A sealant is applied as well to keep any infections from
returning, and with regular cleaning it can last a lifetime.

What Are the Benefits of Root Canal Therapy?

One of the best benefits you can experience right after the
procedure is less pain! You will feel a little bit of discomfort as your mouth
heals, but overall patients report that the relief from their prior toothache
was well worth it. Additionally, root canal therapy:

  • Stops the spread of infection to neighboring
    teeth and throughout your body.
  • Preserves as much as your natural tooth for
    authentic function and aesthetics.
  • Prevents the complications associated with tooth
    loss and the need for more dental work later.
  • Keeps your jawbone stimulated so it remains strong
    and healthy.

There’s no need to avoid root canal therapy if you need it.
It can help save your tooth and restore your functional, natural smile!

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