Once your child’s
main Christmas wishes have been taken care of, it’s time to think about additional,
smaller presents they might want or need. If you’re really reaching for an idea
for a stocking stuffer, you might consider something that helps your little one
protect their teeth in the coming year. Here are 5 gift suggestions that your
dentist in Scarborough might recommend.

1. Brand New Toothbrushes

Your little one’s toothbrush is, of course, an indispensable
part of their oral hygiene routine. However, it’s usually recommended to
replace a toothbrush every 6 months at minimum. Otherwise the bristles could
become too frayed to really be effective. An electric toothbrush can be an
excellent choice for helping your child get excited about brushing; it can be
decorated with their favorite character, or it can come with cool features like
lighting up or playing music. Make sure that the head has soft bristles and is
the right size for your child’s smaller mouth.

2. Sugar-Free Treats

Who doesn’t like finding candy in their stocking? Unfortunately,
most of these treats contain sugar and could eventually leave your child with a
cavity. The good news is that there’s a tooth-friendly alternative: sugar-free chewing
gum and lollipops that have been sweetened with Xylitol. Not only are they
still sweet, but they can actually help keep the teeth clean by increasing
saliva production. Take the time to find some sugarless snacks for your child
to enjoy while they open their other presents.

3. Flavored Floss

Flossing is just as important as brushing, but some children
might find it uncomfortable. You can make the process more fun for them by giving
them special flavored floss. Beyond the traditional mint taste, there are all
kinds of unique flavors such as cinnamon, cupcake, or even bacon. Your child
can have fun trying out different flavors and picking their favorites.

4. Sports Mouthguard

Ideally, if your child participates in football or any other
kind of sport or physical activity, they should already have a mouthguard.
Nevertheless, a brand new mouthguard that comes in a different style or color
could help encourage them to always remember to wear it.

5. Tooth Fairy Box

If your child’s around the age where they’re about to start
losing their baby teeth, it’s important for them to have a safe place to put it
until the tooth fairy arrives. Why not give them a tooth fairy box to celebrate
reaching another milestone on their way to adulthood?

Need some more tooth-friendly gift ideas? Your child’s general dentist
will be able to take their oral health into account and can recommend items
that can help keep your child’s smile safe based on their unique needs. Give
your child the gift of cleaner, healthier teeth!

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Invisalign and moderate sedation. Her practice, White Willow Family and Cosmetic
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