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Packing lunches for your child can be interesting and even
fun, but sometimes it can also present a challenge. Unless your son or daughter
is happy with the same thing every day, it can be difficult to constantly come
up with new ideas for items to pack, let alone foods that are healthy. That’s
why a children’s
in Scarborough has written this guide with four ideas for healthy
kids’ lunches that are beneficial for their oral health.

Breakfast for Lunch

Having breakfast for dinner is a treat for most kids.
Packing breakfast foods in their lunchbox should make their day. A hardboiled
egg is a quick source of protein that will keep them full all afternoon.
Supplement this protein with side items like whole-grain cereal, fresh fruits,
and low-fat yogurt.

DIY Lunch Kit

Prepackaged lunch kits are great for kids because each item
has its own assigned space and they can eat it however they would like. While these
kits are easy to pack since you just grab them off the shelf, they’re not the
best everyday choice since they are often missing out on key nutrients that
kids need.

To combat this, you can make your own DIY lunch kit using different sizes of plastic containers. Place different groups of food in separate compartments, like fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese, and crackers. You could even spice things up by adding a dip like peanut butter for apple slices.

Lunch Kebabs

For some reason, kids generally love eating food that’s on a
stick, maybe because it’s more interesting than eating with a boring old fork
and knife. Whatever the reason, you can use this to your advantage. Fill up a
kebab with a variety of healthy foods, like meatballs or fruit slices. Maybe
your son or daughter will even try something new simply because it’s on a

Soup and Salad

This one is especially ideal for cold winter days. Soups are
easy to prepare ahead of time and reheat later to store in a thermos until
lunchtime. Chicken noodle soup and beef stew are popular favorites that are
sure to win you brownie points with your child. These dishes can be balanced
out by fruit salads, pasta salads, or classic green salads.

There is a proven connection between your child’s overall
health and their oral health. As a result, teaching your kids about proper oral
hygiene is just as important as feeding them a healthy diet. Get them in the
habit of brushing and flossing every day so they can leave every dental checkup

About the Author

Dr. Samantha Amaro
is a graduate of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. Her professional memberships
include the Ontario Dental Association, Royal College of Dental Surgeons,
Toronto Academy of Dentistry and the Academy of General Dentistry. Her practice,
White Willow Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, treats patients of all ages, including
little smiles. To learn more about how to take care of your child’s oral
health, visit Dr.
Amaro’s website.