Patient Coordinator Marcia Uses Invisalign® for Straight Teeth

Invisible braces in a hand on a grey background

Come along for the ride while one of our own progresses through INVISALIGN treatment. Marcia’s case is considered simple and should take approximately 9 – 10 months.

Tray 1 – Day 10 of Invisalign®

I had braces when I was a teen, and for a long time I have been happy with my smile. Lately I noticed some flaws in my smile while looking at family photos. I don’t like the spaces in between my upper teeth and the alignment on my lower teeth seems a little crooked. It started to bother me more when I would see other patients finishing their Invisalign treatment with such great results. I am constantly dealing with the public and was not willing to have braces again. So, I decided to go ahead and correct my smile with Invisalign.

My treatment started with a records appointment that consisted of taking putty models of my teeth as well as photos. This was comfortable for the most part. After the records were sent to Invisalign, I sat down with Dr. Amaro and looked at the 3-D animation of how my teeth would move. Since I have very specific goals, we sent the treatment plan back and had them change it slightly to suit my specific needs. I was happy with the 3-D model, so trays were then fabricated and sent to our office. I will have a total of 18 trays (which will take about 9 months).

The first appointment was to deliver the first set of trays and attach buttons. This was a little uncomfortable for me since I had a bonded retainer on my upper and lower front teeth which had to be removed before treatment. This made the appointment lengthy but Judy (my Hygienist) helped me to feel comfortable. The easiest part of the appointment was attaching the buttons. The first set of trays were given to me and they fit very snuggly. At first they were difficult to get on and off, but then I got the hang of it.

After wearing my first set of trays for a few days, I noticed that the initial pressure on my teeth has gotten better. At first it was very difficult to get the trays on and off, but it has become easier. I have noticed that I am not able to snack as much as before since this will mean removing the trays, snacking, cleaning my teeth, and then replacing the trays. I also find it uncomfortable when not wearing the trays because the buttons are uncovered. My speech at the beginning was also affected but now that I have had them on for almost 2 weeks I am back to normal.