4 Healthy School Lunches for Kids

little girl in pigtails wearing backpack

Packing lunches for your child can be interesting and even
fun, but sometimes it can also present a challenge. Unless your son or daughter
is happy with the same thing every day, it can be difficult to constantly come
up with new ideas for items to pack, let alone foods that are healthy. That’s
why a children’s
in Scarborough has written this guide with four ideas for healthy
kids’ lunches that are beneficial for their oral health.


When Should You Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

x-ray of wisdom teeth

Your wisdom teeth (also known as your third molars) are the
four teeth in the very back corners of your mouth. Humans used to use them to
chew coarse foods like vegetables and raw meat, but thanks to our modern diet
of cooked foods, we don’t really need our wisdom
anymore. For this reason, many people elect to have theirs removed. What
is the best time to do this? A dentist in Scarborough has the answer.


5 Common Causes of Tooth Discoloration and How Your Dentist Can Help

cup of coffee on plate

Have you ever looked in the mirror only to be massively disappointed
with the shade of your teeth? How did they even get that way in the first
place? As it turns out, there are lots of reasons why your smile might not be
as bright as you want it to be, from the foods and drinks you consume to daily
habits you may partake in. Keep reading as a dentist in Scarborough explains
five common causes of tooth discoloration and what can be done
about it.


What is a Fixed Dental Bridge, and How Does It Function?

young man with one missing tooth smiling happily

If you’re missing up to three consecutive teeth, then it’s
important to have them replaced by a dentist in Scarborough for a couple of
reasons. For starters, it will help to prevent the surrounding teeth from
shifting. It will also restore some of the functionality that you’ve been missing
since you lost
your teeth
. To learn how a fixed dental bridge works and can turn your life
around, don’t miss what’s coming up next!


The Secret Connection Between Your Oral and Heart Health

woman in grey dress making heart symbol with hands

Your body has a little secret that maybe you haven’t been
made aware of: that your oral and cardiovascular health are connected. That
means that when you consistently visit your dentist in Scarborough and take
proper care of your teeth and gums,
you can expect more than just improved oral health. As you read further, you’ll
discover why this connection is the real deal, and what you can do to
experience the absolute best in total wellness.


5 Ways You’re Harming Your Teeth Every Day Without Realizing

Concerned man covering his mouth with his hands

Are you causing serious damage to your smile every day
without even realizing it? Unfortunately, many of us have unconscious habits
that weaken our teeth, irritate our gums, and harm our oral health. The first step
towards putting a stop to these bad behaviors is to recognize them and
understand how they’re impacting your smile. Read on to see if any of your
daily behaviors appear on this list of harmful dental habits, and what your Scarborough
recommends to protect your smile.