Children's Dentistry



When it comes to caring for their children, most parents will tell you they want their kids to be happy, healthy, and safe. At White Willow Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, that’s exactly what we strive to achieve for every one of our littlest smiles. From fun, educational dental checkups and teeth cleanings, to sealants, and Sportsguards, our team makes your child’s oral health care a snap

Dental Checkups, Cleanings and Education

Many patients who experience dental anxiety or phobia as adults claim a traumatic childhood dental visit is the cause. Your Scarborough dentist and team work to make all of your child’s associations with dental care happy ones. That all starts with gentle, thorough dental checkups and examinations. Our team takes the time to make your child comfortable, ensures that he or she understands what is going to happen, and goes the extra mile making dental exams fun for your child.

After x-rays and tooth-by-tooth examination, our hygienists thoroughly clean every child’s teeth. Our dentist and hygienists also take time to demonstrate for children the best ways to brush and floss at home. Most importantly, we take the time to listen to every child, answer questions, and help kids develop beautiful, healthy smiles that last a lifetime.

At-Home Dental Care

From the time your little one has teeth, you should begin gently brushing twice a day, and as soon as kids have two teeth that are touching, begin flossing once each day. Making this part of children’s routines from the earliest stages helps them build the lifelong habit of caring for teeth.

Once your children are old enough to hold their toothbrush, it’s important to begin letting them brush on their own. We recommend playing a fun tooth brushing game. One example is follow the leader. First you brush your child’s teeth and have them mimic what you did. Some parents have great results by letting their kids show them how they brush by brushing parents’ teeth. As your child becomes more independent, you can still make brushing fun by incorporating tooth brushing songs to ensure kids brush for two minutes or starting a smile chart to track daily brushing and flossing.


Dental Sealants

As teeth develop, they are more susceptible to damaging tooth decay. Dental sealants provide an extra layer of protection for kids where they need it most. Sealants are typically placed over the biting surface of molars. These teeth have numerous crevices and dips that are more difficult for little hands to thoroughly clean. Sealants are a thin coat of plastic that keeps bacteria and plaque from accumulating in these creases leading to tooth decay. The process is quick, easy, and painless. We can apply sealants at your child’s next checkup.


Are your children joining a sports team or club? They’ve probably gotten a uniform complete with protective equipment, but what about protecting their smiles? White Willow Family & Cosmetic Dentistry offers athletic mouth guards that are custom fitted to your child’s smile. These custom guards are more comfortable than one-size options available in stores, so children are more likely to wear them consistently.

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